Outlet Shopping

Honest-to-goodness outlet brands and prices, not the type you find in surplus shops where most of the items have their tags cut, or have the wrong size, or if you’re unlucky, fake items that are being passed on as originals. I recently visited this mall and was pleasantly surprised to see that it has outlet stores.
Across Mango outlet is an store for Benetton, Sisley, and Nike. I found the prices still a bit high for an outlet store even though most were at least 50% off. The selection was limited so I went to the next outlet store: Plains and Prints. At this outlet store where items are sorted by color, what you see is what you get. Most items are either the last piece or the last size. All items are at 50% off although there’s no sign that says so. I had to ask the sales lady which ones were on sale and she told me that everything was half the price tag. There’s supposed to be a Guess outlet store but when I went to both stores (the one for kids and the other for adults), I couldn’t find any item that’s priced outlet store.